Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lifestyle Tips For The Busy Moms

Enough cannot be said about the life of a busy mom. She can maintain the balance of her family with work, play, pets and love. Most moms glide easily through the day with the routine coming like clockwork. Others, like myself, need a bit of inspiratiom to get the day going. Meditation,  journaling, a good run and quiet time are just some of the ways we can take care of ourselves. As a member of the Busy Moms Elite, a spontaneous group I just conjured up to boost the morale of all busy mothers, I look for advice and ways to make my days better and my life more enjoyable. Vogue Australia has provided us with some great luxury lifestyle tips that are usable for all of us. It's like maintaining balance in style. Click here for the full story!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Princess Kate Visits New Zealand in Style

Princess Kate is down under visiting gorgeous New Zealand for her inaugural visit. She has brought husband, baby and her amazing wardrobe along with her. Though I sometimes feel her style can be defined as Queen in Training, her custom designed Jenny Packham black dress here is a stunner and even catapults her style to another level. It is way more than an LBD. It is embellished with the distinctly New Zealand symbol of the Silver Fern. Legend has it that the plant once lived in the water and had the strength to survive on land, too. A beautiful dress and like everything she wears, it fits perfectly. The details here are stunning. Not overdone and quite symbolic of her visit down under. Good on her. 

FYI: New Zealand is still a part of the British Commonwealth with their allegiance to Crown. 

Just a thought: The Duchess wore a wedding dress that cost $400,000, has custom made pieces like this Jenny Packham, is photographed in many a designer piece but I do wonder if she ever just wants to wear jeans?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pritzer Awards Japanese Eco-Architect Shigeru Ban

"Cardboard Cathedral" in Christchurch New Zealand
Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban has been deemed the Rumpelstiskin of building design and that title earned him arguably the most prestigious award in architecture. He is the recipient of this year's Pritzer Prize. It was noted by the judges that they highly recognized his decades long contributions to natural disaster relief. He has been known to use matierials such as the cardboard in the structure above built after the devastating quakes in Christchurch New Zealand and the school below built after the 2008 Sichuan quakes killed almost 70,000 people. These purpose built structures have become permanent in some areas as the people of different regions embrace the architectural endeavors as symbols of a new future after the devastation caused by tsunamis, earthquakes, and landslides to name a few. Ban served as a juror for the prestigious prize and is the second Japanese architect in a row to win.

Chengdu temporary classroom built by Ban
Images courtesy of

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Doggie's World

Our family just added a dog to our brood. Our first with children, my husband and I have had to not only train a new puppy but re-train ourselves as well as learn new tricks for life with a growing family plus a dog. It's a wonderful life but definitely like having another child in it what with the doctor's visits, travel care, special food and bathing. As a matter of fact, someone very close to me said they would actually have another child before considering adopting a dog. It is a serious commitment and in an effort to avoid the negative aspects of dog ownership let's focus on the luxurious positives with the gallery below. Enjoy!
A Dog's World

Polo Ralph Lauren holiday decor
140 NZD -

90 NZD -

Mungo & Maud Mini Wooden Dog Bowl
140 NZD -

Doca Pet Y Bowl Small
35 NZD -

Ralph Lauren Quilted Dog Coat
110 NZD -

Jax and Bones Anchor Dog Rope Toy
17 NZD -

FOUND MY ANIMAL Small Adjustable Leash
50 NZD -

Rattan Dog Bed
375 NZD -

Fatboy Doggielounge Stonewashed - Red - Small
150 NZD -

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Christchurch City Libraries Book Sale

Book and sale are two of my favorite words so when the Christchurch City Libraries Annual Book Sale was announced, we were overwhelmed. Events are at Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre. There are books for all of us moms, dads, kids and babies. The artist, hobbyist, techie, musician and dabbler will all find book prices to shop with the best of them. With children's books priced at $1 and that is just the start of it. 

Hours are as follows:
Friday March 21       9-7 (note the later hours tonight)
Saturday March 22  9-4

Ample parking but come early  to #shopsmart and though they provide bags, bring your own! It's good for the earth and there are a lot of books. We went this morning and are now off to shop for a bookshelf...or two.

Pay with cash and EFTPOS only.
Pool and coffee bar in the same facility. Check available hours.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Projects in Pics

Toilet Paper Rolls. They were the catalyst for our art projects below. Our first choice is a festive one that we did for St. Patrick's Day so bookmark this page for next year. 
The uses of tissue rolls are endless and are one of the most common trash items in the landfills. Why not get creative with giving back to Mother Earth while reducing, reusing and recycling? They are easily recyclable and most children's care centres, art establishments and the like will happily take a donation. Donate later. For now art...

Project # 1
Four Leaf Clovers

Project #2 
Randimal Rolls
Our artist here created three random animals out of scraps, bits and glue. No extra purchases necessary to create any animal of your choice. A Sharpie always helps.

How gorgeous are these? This will inspire kids with ideas of how creative they can be with their own animal.


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